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VIM is a high-performance platform revolutionizing how BIM data is being accessed, visualized, and analyzed in Microsoft Power BI for faster insights.

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Adopt a data-driven approach to your construction processes

Informed Decision-Making

Extract valuable insights, ensuring project decisions are backed by comprehensive data, reducing risks and errors.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Predict material requirements, workforce needs, and equipment utilization, optimizing budgets and timelines.

Enhanced Collaboration

Flow insights between stakeholders, ensuring all parties are well-informed, boosting enhanced team collaboration.

Proactively Mitigate Issues

Identify potential hazards, monitor safety performance, and ensure safe environments.

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Model Link Composition

Your first contact with your BIM just got better. Model Link Explorer allows you to view your model from the outside (macro) or dive deep into its intricacies (micro).


OutlierDetector™ identifies objects that are outside of your building extents, helping to pinpoint potentially bad BIM practices. Improve your model integrity and maintain best practices by identifying and addressing these outliers.

Electrical QuickView

Electrical QuickView provides a rapid breakdown of the electrical components within your Revit model. Quickly extract quantities, export data to Excel, and gain valuable insights for effective planning and optimized performance.

Structural QuickView

Structural QuickView is your compass for exploring the structural elements of your Revit model. It provides a clear, comprehensive, and accessible breakdown of the model's structural content, making it effortless to understand the underlying skeleton of your building project.

Architectural QuickView

Architectural QuickView offers a thorough, easy-to-understand summary of your Revit model's architectural content. Generate quantities quickly, export to Excel for further analysis, and enhance your project planning and execution.

Designed for easy BIM data analysis and collaboration

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Collaboration Tools

Establish VIM as a prerequisite, ensuring consultants' compliance.

Custom Power BI Visual

Industry- leading 3D visualization for enhanced model interrogation.

Library of Templates

Generate and download from a library pre-built Power BI reports.

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Customizable Reports

VIM Cloud enables you to easily download, modify, upload, and share customized reports, foster collaboration and personalized data insights throughout your organization.
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