Navisworks Phasing Coordination Tutorial in Power BI
May 30, 2024
Samuel Arsenault-Brassard

Navisworks Phasing Coordination Tutorial in Power BI

In this tutorial, Samuel Arsenault-Brassard from VIM demonstrates the use of Navisworks Phasing Coordination Report to enhance project timelines and element coordination. The video begins with importing a CSV file to create a basic timeline in Navisworks and assigning tasks to model elements, showcasing how to navigate through rough selections and simulations. Despite initial imperfections, the tutorial highlights key functionalities, such as assigning tasks manually and linking elements to their corresponding phases.

Samuel further explains how to export crucial data from Navisworks, focusing on properties like "contained in task" and Revit IDs, and how to handle data inconsistencies. He illustrates how to use selection tools to efficiently gather relevant data, which is then exported as CSV files for further analysis. By connecting this data to Power BI, users can visualize and troubleshoot project phases, ensuring a smoother and more accurate coordination process. This tutorial offers a practical guide for improving project management and data consistency in BIM workflows using Navisworks and Power BI.

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