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What is VIM Cloud?

VIM Cloud is a robust cloud-based solution that addresses the entire BIM data and analytics process including exporting, transforming, visualizing, and collaborating with Power BI dashboards.

Simple and easy to use

Enable everyone in your organization to create actionable data visualizations from BIM.

Next-level visualizations

Visualize complex BIM dynamically in real-time for better understanding and decision-making.

Automated and customizable

Generate and customize pre-built reports effortlessly to create your own data story.

Access Insights Faster with Tailored BIM Reports

BIM Mastery™

Leverage a complete set of tools for understanding, managing, and optimizing your BIM. This suite is an ideal choice for BIM specialists who want a comprehensive view of their BIM from all angles.

Investor Insights™

This tailored package is for property developers, investors, and financial executives. It provides a high-level overview of project sustainability, model content, logistics, and product hyperlinks — crucial for investment decision-making.

Project Commander™

This kit is perfect for project managers and construction supervisors. It includes reports that help monitor, control, and ensure smooth operation at every stage of construction.

Data Detective™

This collection focuses on data analysts, offering detailed analysis tools for sustainability, BIM content, model health, and classification code navigation.

Design Integrity™

Aimed at architects and engineers, this suite offers tools to detect warnings, analyze architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing content and ensure design integrity.

Precision Bid™

For contractors, this kit includes everything needed to generate precise, accurate bids and get insights on the constructability of a building.

Build Command™

Ideal for construction professionals, offering warnings detection, structural content analysis, room layout, and model link composition for effective on-site management.

Lease Lender™

Perfect for property managers and leasing agents, this pack offers a clear overview of room layout and content, facade area, and BIM content for efficient space planning.

Simplify your BIM Analytics

Eliminate time-consuming BIM data transformation

With VIM Cloud's seamless export and upload process, you're only minutes away from actionable business insights. Our user-friendly platform lets you quickly export your BIM data and upload it straight to the cloud. From there, generating, visualizing, and sharing dynamic BI reports is as easy as 1-2-3.

Accelerate decision-making with pre-made reports

Dive straight into decision-making with our library of pre-built Microsoft Power BI reports. Designed for all stakeholders across AECO disciplines, we ensure that you're equipped with the right data at the right time. Make smarter decisions, faster, with cloud-based BIM analytics.

Inform key decisions with complete and accurate data

Download our comprehensive reports and customize them with your financial, environmental, or other external data sources. By cross-referencing pivotal information, you'll unlock the ability to visualize building project data in real-time 3D and gain insights like never before. Dive deeper, analyze more, and propel your projects with intelligence.

Visualize your BIM models immersively in real-time 3D

Step into the future of BIM data visualization, powered by VIM's unmatched Windows and WebGL rendering technology. Born from years of our developers' expertise on Autodesk 3ds Max, VIM Cloud offers unrivaled access to our online WebGL viewers, the custom Power BI Desktop visual, and a robust Windows viewer designed to render city-scale models.
BIM Content Analyzer

Get a focused review of family elements within your Revit BIM project.

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Find problematic families in the BIM that impact overall real-time performance

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Model Link Composition

Enhance your understanding of your BIM with both macro and micro perspectives.

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Uncover anomalies in your model with OutlierDetector.™

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RoomScope™ Content

Inventory your buildings room content at a glance.

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Uniformat & OmniClass

Streamline your model exploration with the Uniformat & OmniClass Navigator.™

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Warnings Extractor

Unearth your model’s health information and prioritize warnings with ease.

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Workset Auditor

Analyze and unravel the model Workset configuration

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