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About us

Our cross-discipline team is comprised of AEC professionals and experts in architecture and construction, 3D technology and computational math, UX/UI design, and games and film production. Our strength stems from a unique combination of diversity and agility to deliver technology that our competitors are unable to match.


We are committed to helping people unlock the limitless potential of building data to drive a sustainable revolution in the construction industry. Our mission is to empower building stakeholders to make energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, financially-sound built-environments that promote both the planet's health and human prosperity.

What is VIM?

The VIM (Virtual Information Modeling) platform stands as a groundbreaking solution that seamlessly manages, queries, and analyzes Building Information Modeling (BIM) data utilizing SQL and Power BI's robust capabilities. Through an integrated process, we adeptly export and transform intricate BIM data, ensuring it is both streamlined and optimized for data visualization. This meticulous transformation facilitates the creation of dynamic and interactive data analytic reports within Microsoft Power BI, bridging the gap between complex architectural designs and actionable insights.

“For the first time in history, the AEC industry has a unique opportunity to build better buildings for a better world”

- Arol Wolford, Founder of VIM 
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BIM data should be open for all, ensuring freedom, accessibility, and fostering innovation.

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BIM should be intuitive, promoting user-friendly interactions and simplifying complex tasks.

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BIM should be universally compatible, fostering device diversity and driving innovation.

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Analytics from BIM data should be affordable, ensuring cost-savings surpass investments.

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