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VIM Cloud is a high-performance platform revolutionizing how BIM data is being accessed, visualized, and analyzed in Microsoft Power BI for faster insights.


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Adopt a data-driven approach to your building design

Accelerate smarter decision-making

Generate customized, pre-made building intelligence reports from your BIM models, accelerating decision-making and productivity in a fast-paced industry.

Analyze and interact in real-time

Our powerful WebGL viewer provides you with real-time 3D visualizations, enriching your interactive data analysis by offering a dynamic and immersive experience.

Perform analysis and avoid rework

We help you outperform the competition with comprehensive BIM data analysis, enabling you to easily identify errors and prevent costly rework.

Deliver BIM with accurate specification

We empower your stakeholders to analyze and interrogate project data, ensuring fulfillment of project requirements within tight deadlines and budgets.

Explore a library of BI reports made for you

Plumbing QuickView

Plumbing QuickView offers a concise, easy-to-digest overview of your Revit model's plumbing content. Generate plumbing element quantities, export data to Excel, and ensure optimal design and efficient maintenance with key insights.

Electrical QuickView

Electrical QuickView provides a rapid breakdown of the electrical components within your Revit model. Quickly extract quantities, export data to Excel, and gain valuable insights for effective planning and optimized performance.

BIM Content Analyzer

Obtain a concise, insightful summary of your Revit BIM project's content. Focus on Revit family elements to better manage and optimize your project's assets.

Structural QuickView

Structural QuickView is your compass for exploring the structural elements of your Revit model. It provides a clear, comprehensive, and accessible breakdown of the model's structural content, making it effortless to understand the underlying skeleton of your building project.

Sustainability Readiness

Get an accurate snapshot of your project's sustainability potential with comprehensive reports. Empower your commissioning process with crucial LEED, Embodied Energy, and Carbon data.

Designed for easy BIM data analysis and collaboration

Free and Sample Reports

Explore a variety of sample reports or generate your own for free.

Collaboration Tools

Upload and share your reports with everyone on many devices.

Custom Power BI Visual

Enhance your visual story telling with VIM's custom 3D visualization plugin.

Library of Templates

Choose insights that matter to you with our every growing library of pre-made Power BI reports.

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Customizable Reports

VIM Cloud enables you to easily download, modify, upload, and share customized reports, foster collaboration and personalized data insights throughout your organization.
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