Unleash BIM in Power BI with VIM Enterprise

Take ownership of your data with VIM's on-premises tools and services designed to provide efficient and open access to BIM data.

What is VIM Enterprise?

VIM Enterprise is a powerful collection of tools and services designed specifically for building information modeling. VIM accelerates the process of exporting, processing, storing, and utilizing BIM data by integrating that data with business intelligence software such as Microsoft Power BI.

Streamlined Integration

Integrate VIM into your Revit workflows, unlocking customized exporting capabilities to supercharge your BIM data.

Easy Automation

Free up your time and reduce manual effort. With our tools, tasks like bulk exports and transformations happen automatically.

Faster Intelligence

Our suite of tools, combined with PowerBI integration, offer you a dynamic and clear view of your BIM data to make faster decisions.

A Complete BIM Data Management Toolbox

VIM Revit Core DLL

Dive into a new realm of BIM adaptability. With VIM Revit Core DLL, embed the VIM exporter logic directly into your Revit plugins, tailoring the export process to your precise needs and vision.

Revit to VIM Automation

Empower your workflows with the VIM Revit Batch CLI, ensuring smooth bulk transitions from Revit to VIM without manual intervention – it's set-and-forget!

IFC to VIM Conversion

Harness the true power of interoperability! With the VIM IFC Converter CLI, seamlessly transform your IFC files into VIM format, bridging design insights and BIM data harmoniously.

Precision Clash Detection

Identify and address potential issues head-on! With VIM Clash CLI, pinpoint geometric clashes within your VIM files, ensuring project accuracy, saving time, and reducing costly on-site mistakes.


The VIM Tool CLI offers multifaceted BIM data operations, from SQL database integrations for PBI visualizations to VIM file transformations and conversions, putting you in control of your BIM.
Merge Multiple VIMs
Deduplicate Meshes
Compute Differences

Supercharge your BIM Analytics in Power BI

High-Performance BIM Data Model

Dive into your building insights faster with VIM's optimized data model, designed specifically to supercharge your PowerBI querying experience. Elevate precision, speed, and clarity in one seamless integration.

Custom 3D Power BI Visualization

Visualize your BIM insights with our WebGL-powered custom visual, delivering immersive 3D visualizations directly in PowerBI. Elevate your analytics with depth, clarity, and real-time interactions.

Use your Existing BIM Data more Effectively with VIM

Leverage efficient and open access to your BIM data

Eliminate data silos with an open standard file format.
Accelerate data processing and minimize file sizes.
Scale complex projects with large datasets.
Transforms BIM into a structured relational database.

Connect multiple data sources for unified information

Consolidate disparate data into a unified view.
Integrate IoT sensor data for real-time analytics.
Improve project management and resource allocation.
Reduce time and effort by automating data ingestion.

Automate workflows and processes for efficiency

Automate your business intelligence reporting.
Process and validate your data automatically.
Interop data between systems and applications.
Store the data how and where you want.
BIM Content Analyzer

Get a focused review of family elements within your Revit BIM project.

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Find problematic families in the BIM that impact overall real-time performance

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Model Link Composition

Enhance your understanding of your BIM with both macro and micro perspectives.

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Uncover anomalies in your model with OutlierDetector.™

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RoomScope™ Content

Inventory your buildings room content at a glance.

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Uniformat & OmniClass

Streamline your model exploration with the Uniformat & OmniClass Navigator.™

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Warnings Extractor

Unearth your model’s health information and prioritize warnings with ease.

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Workset Auditor

Analyze and unravel the model Workset configuration

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On-Prem Installation

Ensure your data is private and secure with VIM's on-premises installation service.

Personal Account Manager

Get personal service and support to ensure your BIM project is a success.

VIM Cloud Access

Empower your team to create and share reports with VIM Cloud's easy-to-use dashboard.

See VIM Enterprise in Action

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