About our company

VIM’s mission since 2016 has been to help organizations across the Construction industry unlock the full potential of BIM analytics to optimize design, construction, and operations and to reduce environmental impact through valuable data-driven insights. Our goal is to make BIM analytics easy to access, visualize, and analyze so everyone can drive efficiency and innovation.

Our values

At VIM, we look for several qualities when we recruit new people to expand the capabilities of our teams. Our culture is built around our values.

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We continuously quench our insatiable appetite for knowledge and empathy through the needs of our customers’ desire to continuously improve.

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We aspire to be the great strategic and unbound innovators of today and tomorrow, fueled by the discoveries and passions of the visionaries that came before us.

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We leverage our expertise to relentlessly pursue solutions that will improve what’s here today, and protect it for the next generation.

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We are catalysts for positive transformation, actively driving change for the greater good, enabling our customers to realize their vision.

Meet our amazing leadership


Peter Schmitz

Peter's leadership brings 25 years of experience as the CEO of multiple data companies in the AEC industry.


Arol Wolford

Arol has dedicated his career to the proposition that sharing information among AECO&M is the key to creating better, more efficient buildings.

Head of Product

Joel Pennington

A Mixed Reality visionary, Joel has 20 years of experience in developing Augmented and Virtual Reality products and experiences.

Head of Sales

Sanjay Mistry

Sanjay brings 20 years’ experience in the design, film, and games industries with deep technical, sales development, and business strategy expertise.

Director of Development

Martin Ashton

As the Director of Software Development, my focus is to develop solutions to challenging data problems we face in the construction industry.

Head of Design

Luke Hamilton

With over 25 years of experience in film, marketing, & software production, Luke focuses on bringing data to life with intuitive and delightful interactions.

Head of Finance

Charles de Andrade

Charles has spent the last 45 years building and managing companies in the AEC Industry, both the information and software sectors.

Head of Marketing

Nicholas Ritter

Nick has used innovative strategies to market products like VIM for two decades. He aims to change how people access and use BIM.

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