New Features and Power BI Reports at VIM Cloud - Upgrade Now
Construction Analytics
Construction Analytics
August 2, 2023
Joel Pennington

New Features and Power BI Reports at VIM Cloud - Upgrade Now

We’re excited to announce some fantastic updates and new features now available to you at                

Crucial Update - New Version Install    


To get the full benefit from these new features, make sure you install the latest version of VIM for Revit 2017-2024. This update ensures smooth functionality and access to all the exciting enhancements we've added to the platform.    

New Features:    

  • Report Bundles: Report templates are grouped into handy industry bundles.
  • Select Multiple Templates: We have improved the user interface, making it easier for you to select multiple templates at once when creating reports.
  • Select Multiple VIMs: Similarly, you can now select multiple VIMs at the same time when creating reports
  • Lots and lots of report templates! Read below for just a small sample:

New and Featured Reports:    

  1. Uniformat & OmniClass Navigator: Streamline your BIM model exploration. Effortlessly navigate using Uniformat and OmniClass codes, extract and group quantities based on these codes.
  2. OutlierDetector™: Improve your BIM practices by identifying objects outside of building extents. Enhance coordination and execution through anomaly detection.
  3. MEP Building Product Hyperlinks: Easily extract URLs of MEP product manufacturers from your BIM, gaining direct access to a wealth of product information.
  4. Mechanical QuickView: Simplify comprehension of mechanical systems in your model, and export data to Excel for enhanced planning and maintenance.
  5. Sustainability Readiness: Assess your project's sustainability readiness with insights on LEED, Embodied Energy, and Carbon. This helps gauge readiness for commissioning and certification processes.

These are just a few of the additions we've made; there are plenty more templates to explore!    

Thank you for your attention to this important update. Your experience with VIM Cloud is important to us, and we’re committed to providing you with the best tool to get from BIM to Power BI.    


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