Merging VIM files with the VIM Tool
May 30, 2024
Samuel Arsenault-Brassard

Merging VIM files with the VIM Tool

In this tutorial, Samuel Arsenault-Brassard from VIM demonstrates how to merge VIM files using the VIM tool. He starts by ensuring that the latest version of the VIM tool is installed and properly set up in a dedicated folder. Samuel then guides you through the process of using command line inputs to merge multiple VIM files, explaining the different arguments and options available, such as merging files directly or using a grid to separate them.

He also highlights how to manage file paths, handle potential version compatibility issues, and adjust padding settings for better control over the merged output. This step-by-step guide provides a comprehensive overview of merging VIM files efficiently, ensuring that users can combine multiple models seamlessly and optimize their BIM workflows. This tutorial is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their data management and project coordination by effectively merging VIM files.

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