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Virtual Information Modeling

VIMaec is the distributor of Unity Technology to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry

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In minutes convert your Revit files into an interactive 3D model that can be viewed on a computer or virtual reality device.

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Unity Technology

Professional multiplatform development engine for rapid creation of stunning visualizations and built environments

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Get Hands on with VIM & Unity Technology

While viewing the VIM, I felt like I was in the building. And construction hasn’t even started!

Carmen Feinberg, Chief Operating Officer

Unity was a major step forward! It allowed us to simply import our models and make them interactive. It was a paradigm shift.

Jon Brouchoud, Lead developer

When we shared the VIM technology with our owner on the largest project currently being constructed in Atlanta, they were immediately impressed with the technology and wanted to share it with their users.

Steve Karp, McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

In our eyes, Unity is already helping bring this future to life, making stunning 3D content open to everyone, across every platform.

Adam Simonar, Lead Designer

Get Hands on with VIM & Unity Technology

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