A new and dynamic software and solutions company announces its launch in Atlanta, Ga. VIM AEC provides technology that enables those involved with construction projects to reduce costs, while increasing efficiency and collaboration. What’s also different about VIM AEC (Virtual Information Modeling, for architects, engineers, contractors) is that it is brought to the market by industry professionals with deep knowledge, experience and understanding of the sector, and a true vision about both the need and potential for advanced digital tools in the construction workflow. Arol Wolford, founder of Construction Market Data and an early board member and investor in Revit has teamed up with former Reed Construction Data CEO and RELX executive, Iain Melville to create this exciting venture.

Their expertise and industry experience in the AEC sector will help drive this dynamic software and solutions company as a powerful force. VIM AEC is the latest successful company launch in a series of four decades of industry leadership in Architecture, Engineering and Construction by the executive leadership team. From the introduction of accessible construction data to the industry in the 1980’s, to the advent of BIM, launch of Revit and successful visualization platforms to follow, VIM AEC, led by Arol Wolford is a powerful force when it comes to industry experience in AEC, let alone among startups.