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VIM's suite of APIs are purpose-built for developers so that you can get a leg up on the competition.

VIM SDK coding environment
  • Automate Power BI reports
  • Deploy in secure environments
  • Product-ready APIs and source code
  • Web and native real-time apps
  • White label ready
  • Develop with less code
  • Future-proof open format
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Groundbreaking Speed

Our compact, high-performant, real-time data model and well-groomed data format deliver unparalleled speeds when loading, querying and navigating.

250x faster workflows
faster workflows

Unmatched Scalability

VIM empowers your software to handle any AEC project in blistering real-time with ease, no matter how big or complex — a first for our industry!

more than 168 million sq ft
city scale project loads in seconds

Examples of VIM APIs in action

Estimating Edge Vector app
Estimating Edge: Vector

BIM takeoff and measuring software for Construction

RIB Connex Collaboration suite
RIB: Connex Cloud

Collaboration software to connect data, workflows and teams

Navisworks export to VIM app
Lang O'Rourke: Navis Exporter

Plugin to export to VIM from Navisworks

Difference Engine

Visualize and interact with change trends in your BIM Model over time.

open file format

Extend, tweak, or modify

VIM's open file format is tailor-made to address the challenging performance requirements of large BIM projects on a variety of devices at runtime. We have been evolving the VIM format over the last couple of years, testing it on thousands of large real-world projects, on multiple platforms, and in libraries written in multiple familiar programming languages.

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VIM has an FPS performance that on average is 6x faster in WebGL than any other tool in the market today

Native Real-time App Performance

1GB Revit project with 5 links
VIM's native app performance benchmark against popular engines runs at 250fps, dwarfing the next closest competitor at 8fps

Device specs: Windows 10 x64, 16GB RAM, Nvidia 1060 GTX
Average FPS: Higher is better. Updated 12/1/2022

vim real-time engines

Make it yours

Purpose-built for the built environment our real-time engines are unmatched giving you total control.

WebGL API is an easy to use online 3D model viewer based on Three.JS

Screenshot of a building running in VIM's native rendering engine; displaying a systems view of duct work.

Native Rendering SDK enables you to extend the VIM for Windows app

meet the Native Windows SDK >
third-party game engines

Got clean quads?

VIM's automatically tessellates to nice, clean quads for game-ready assets without wasting time on decimating bad meshes, allowing you to boost frame rates for free in popular game engines.

Unity API enables devs to support editor and runtime VIM file loading workflows.

Learn about our Unity API >

Unreal Epic Datasmith API is an open source VIM-to-Epic Datasmith converter.

See how the Datasmith API works >
command line apis

Looking to automate hard tasks?

Accelerate your high-quality software development with VIM SDK's easy-to-use CLI tools.

IFC Converter is a fast and straightforward IFC-to-VIM conversion tool.

Discover the IFC Converter >

Clash Detection is a simple, powerful tool to easily automate clash detection.

Read about Clash Detection >

VIM Toolkit is a collection of tools to edit, transform, and inspect VIM files.

Check out the VIM Toolkit >
Automated editing tools for efficient workflows:
Combine multiple VIMs from IFC or Revit to create one coordinated model.
Evaluate duplicate meshes to reduce VIM size without losing BIM integrity.
Remove images (ie texture maps) from the VIM file to reduce file size
... and many more
VIM files easily transform into:
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What people are saying about us

VIM allows our construction LEED projects to find energy modeling efficiencies, collaborate remotely, perform interference checks, and more.

Charlie Cichetti
CEO + Co-Founder

With the VIM Portal we can process a file on the cloud in 12 seconds (with previous technology it used to take us 90 minutes). That’s serious money savings for us, and great customer service for our users.

Nicholas Holst
Head of Product
RIB Group

VIM enabled us to deliver a complete Expo digital twin on time and on budget.

Daisy Leak
Executive Vice President

VIM Can handle LOD 500 like it’s a word document.

Jean-Marc Demeo
BIM Manager

VIM has exponentially sped up our workflow in creating renderings.

Emilio Santellan
3D Visualization Specialist

A 20-30% reduction is a win. That’s where my expectations were. We actually condensed 2 days of work down to 20 minutes… that’s huge.

Ben Forman
Content Team Manager

Being able to see is important, but avoiding change orders is worth its weight in gold.

Michael Bell
Real-Estate Developer

With VIM it only took me 20 minutes to get from Revit to Unity. Previously, it easily would have taken two weeks.

Naji Rjaile
Director of Visualization

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