Skender is drawing up plans to manufacture and build the modular units for a 10-story, 144-unit multifamily building in Uptown Chicago, as well as a 7-story, 122-unit multifamily building in West Loop. “We know we’ll get this done 40 percent faster than anyone else, and at a higher standard,” said Skender Chief Design Officer Tim Swanson.

Stacy Scopano, Skenders new Chief Technology Officer – “I haven’t seen a lot of virtual reality experiences that didn’t include some awkward disconnect between “presenter” and “audience”.  The Magic Leap device eliminates isolating a team member’s in their own virtual environments and allows for a much more natural augmented collaboration, which is the original intent of mixing realities in Real Estate & AEC.”

VIM AEC will be collaborating with Skender on real-time augmented experiences for the modular units. Virtual Information Modeling will augment the physical space in Magic Leap to help people experience what the finished product will represent when completed.