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VIM is transforming the way that architects, engineers, and construction professionals design, build, and operate buildings. By removing the artificial walls between the AEC disciplines, and borrowing innovation from the gaming industry, VIM-equipped teams are delivering and sustaining a building’s design intent, from its originally approved conception to its ongoing operation.  And, there’s no compromise to environmental goals, despite challenges like COVID-19. On the contrary, new solutions from VIM enable teams to collaborate and share quickly and freely without compromising design aesthetics, time, or money. It’s a welcome relief for an industry that has, for decades, struggled with balancing the escalating expense of software technology implementation with construction realities.

VIM Technology enables AEC Pros to design, deliver, and operate better buildings for a better world.

Our Mission

Meet Our Leadership Team

VIM leadership is comprised of AEC professionals and experts in architecture, construction, 3D technology, UX/UI design, games and film production

Arol Wolford

Arol Wolford

Joel Pennington

Joel Pennington

Sanjay Mistry

Sanjay Mistry

Charles  de Andrade

Charles de Andrade

Luke Hamilton

Luke Hamilton

Christopher Diggins

Christopher Diggins


Below are some of our milestones and bigger announcements.

“With VIM it only took me 20 minutes to get from Revit to Unity. Previously, it easily would have taken two weeks.”

— Naji Rjaile, Director of Visualization at Skanska

“VIM gives Skender’s clients and integrated project teams an important lens to see what is possible through modular building.”

— Stacy Scopano, CTO at Skender

“VIM enabled us to deliver a complete Expo digital twin on time and on budget.”

— Daisy Leak, Executive Vice President at Magnopus

“When we saw the product I was blown away. The first thing that came to my mind was Tony Stark.”

— Anthony Strong, Digital Design Manager at tvsdesign

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