Published on
December 2, 2020

Real-time Digital Twins at City Scale Made Possible with VIM


Joel Pennington

Head of Product

Here are 96 reasons we are entering a new era…

96 Stadiums, 168 million sqft, and 221GB of parametric Revit BIM data (as a whopping 1,536 links!) in real-time without breaking a sweat! And just to be clear, if this were FBX this would be well over 14 Billion polygons. <gulp!>

By the way, this is bigger than all of downtown San Francisco and is running on just a single Nvidia RTX 3080. Pretty cool to see we don't need uber-expensive hardware and crazy streaming to crank out FPS like this!

How big is too big? Never

Reaching the scale and complexity of an entire city like downtown San Francisco with a digital twin is not an easy task with today’s BIM technology. Layer that complexity with the parametric data associated with these projects and it feels like it can be unobtainable. In the future smart cities will require the digital twin to represent the urban environment and it will all need to be supported by this data.

The video above shows how VIM technology can help Architects, Engineers, and Construction professionals unlock the complexity of city-sized projects and reach that goal of creating a true digital twin to help design, build, and maintain environments for the future.

VIM is the fastest way to interact with the biggest BIM projects

  • No compromise to data integrity
  • No trade-off of quality
  • No more time wasted
  • No learning curve
  • No more excuses

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