Published on
June 2, 2021

Bridging the Metaverse Gap with Johan Hanegraaf and Samuel Arsenault-Brassard


Nicholas Ritter

Senior Marketing Manager

Bridging the Metaverse Gap

What is the digital metaverse, and what role will this play for our society as we become more and more integrated with the technology we use every day?

On this episode of the Breaking New Ground podcast, host Joel Pennington has brought in two guests – Samuel Arsenault-Brassard and Johan Hanegraaf – to answer these questions and more

Although these two are accomplished architects in their own right, they're also VR enthusiasts in their free time. Hanegraaf, the Vice President of collaborative VR design app Arkio. Meanwhile, Arsenault-Brassard is both a Product Owner at VIM and a designer at the Museum of Other Realities VR Experience.

"The metaverse is actually not a new concept," Hanegraaf said. "It's something that's been in development for many years.

β€œWhat people are talking about when it comes to the metaverse is having one completely digital world where you can do all of the activities that you normally would in the real world."

"It's a destruction of old limitations like gravity, moisture, and mold," Arsenault-Brassard added. "We are liberating ourselves from traditional limitations, but there are new limitations that are important to understand because they actually shape the designs. … If you know the rules of the game, you can push it a lot further. But there are new rules despite all the new freedoms."

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