Published on
November 11, 2020

48 Stadiums, 84 million sqft, fast VR framerates, oh my!


Joel Pennington

Head of Product

We've shattered our previous performance record!!

"How?" you ask?  Well,  last time we shared a performance benchmark we loaded up 24 stadiums on  a 5-year-old laptop with an Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU (15 fps). This week we  got our hands on a new RTX 3080 GPU and took it for a spin. Oo-La-La!

What  better way to experiment than with exponential growth, right? So, we  loaded up 48 stadiums - that's over 100GB of non-instanced parametric Autodesk Revit BIM data!! We were blown away by the speeds at which  our Desktop App performed...

  • No waiting - The entire file loads in 19.5 seconds, and runs at VR frame rates (variable rates from 45-450fps)
  • No streaming - With this kind of performance there's no need offload processing to the cloud (plus, construction sites are WiFi deserts)
  • No caching - You don't have to prep and pre-load the 3D file into memory

Just  imagine …

Now, construction pros and operators have a whole bunch of  3D real-time data insight and analysis possibilities at their fingertips!  From the Office to the Job site, now everyone on the project has fast  access to the data they need, just in time.

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If you think we stopped there, we didn't - haha!

Come back next week as we have more surprises in store. In the meantime, take it for a spin yourself…


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