Disney’s Epcot in Orlando, Florida is sometimes billed as a “permanent world fair.” In fact, the name Epcot is actually an acronym for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. The theme park showcases new ideas and innovations of what the world of tomorrow might look like.

A few years ago, Walt Disney Imagineering had an ambitious idea to present a green, full-scale residential home to EPCOT visitors. The company partnered with Green Builder Media to design an exhibit that would immerse guests in green design and technologies. Drawing on the ingenuity of designers and the help of 12 different sponsors contributing products and materials to reduce energy consumption, the exhibit known as VISION House opened on Earth Day 2012 to great acclaim. But before the incredible VISION House came to fruition, the creatives at Disney and Green Builder Media turned to VIM AEC to construct a virtual model of the home that would guide the physical construction.

VIM AEC’s VIM technology allowed Walt Disney Imagineering to create a fully navigable visualization of VISION House that could be explored using immersive virtual technology. The 3D modeling software provides architects with the ability to build, design and preview their creations digitally, enabling them to make changes and alterations using keystrokes rather than physical materials. VIM allows the visualization to retain all BIM data from the original Revit. The Revit files are then converted into a VIM, creating an HD, 3D environment where architects and designers can perform free roam walkthroughs. This virtual platform delivers great flexibility for updates and design changes, ensuring an effective and efficient project from inception to completion.

The stunning VISION House resembles a sleek, contemporary house that differs from other EPCOT exhibits in that it all seems less like a far-off concept design, and more, well, real. That’s because all the green technologies on display, from the Chevy VOLT parked in the garage, to the LED lighting from Sylvania, and the Pella automated blinds built into the windows are actual products the sponsors provided to demonstrate that green living isn’t simply the stuff of science-fiction, but available for residential consumption. Unlike exhibits that are full of barriers, VISION House invites guests to explore the corners of each room and get hands-on with the products on display.

Before the first nail of EPCOT’s VISION House was ever hammered, the designers at Disney and Green Builder Media utilized VIM AEC’s VIM technology to create a virtual visualization of the home that could be explored and tinkered with until they made it just right.

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