Challenge: Conflicting interests of Architects, Contractors, Suppliers, Builders, and Regulators require complex negotiations.

Solution: Simplify decisions with data driven immersive real-time workflows to reduce project time.

Major construction projects are highly collaborative processes requiring complex negotiations to balance trade-offs between the conflicting interests of architects, contractors, suppliers, builders, and regulators. Each stakeholder has differing motivations and priorities. Problems and miscommunication caused by traditionally slow, step-by-step, command and control business model add significant inefficiencies and cost at every stage of the design, specify, and build process.

This unfortunate situation is seen as “normal” and “how It’s always been done”. While 2D and 3D digitization of key building & construction industry, product and service data have disrupted century old practices and

Revolutionized the process of presenting, viewing, manipulating building data, the fundamental Industry business model remains the same.

VIM AEC core technology is a unique evolution of BIM to create a sophisticated Virtual Information Model. Owners will benefit from faster stakeholder decisions and simplified negotiations between competing interests. We believe this will frequently enable project time savings of 10%.



Challenge: The new global rate of change and urgency has overwhelmed conventional organizational business solutions and cost strategies.

Solution: Evolve practice with Data driven immersive real-time workflows to reduce project cost.

The world is changing faster than its institutions can adapt. Where we once faced well-defined problems with predictable time frames, the now global nature of rapid change combined with the scale of an urgency of 21st-century challenges are overwhelming conventional construction solutions and strategies.

Large contractors, engineering firms, and owners recognize the need to move faster, smarter, and with fewer resources. Building and construction is an extremely large, complex, and well-established industry which is estimated to account for over 10% of the global GDP. VIM AEC offers a highly visual, standardized tool that improves collaboration, interaction, participation & informed decision making throughout a building’s life cycle. We think the resulting operational efficiencies, improved dispute (change order) resolution, and end user engagement can meet a savings of 10% of total project investment.