Office Spaces partners with VIMaec to give their Lifetime and Fox Business audience a virtual reality experience.

VIMaec provides innovative 3D modeling software for the architectural, engineering, and construction industries. By working with architects and designers, the developers created a groundbreaking solution that seamlessly transforms building plans from Revit models to a 3D virtual reality model. The software uses a powerful game engine to create a Virtual Information Model (VIM) of each proposed design that lets users move around a proposed space as a virtual reality environment. Recently, VIMaec partnered with the renovation television show Office Spaces, from the same producers as the Emmy-winning show Designing Spaces. This entertaining design show features a company renovating its office spaces using the latest tools and technology. The show, now in its second season, airs on Fox Business and Lifetime. The VIMaec software used in each episode “brings the space to life,” allowing viewers to walk through a building that does not yet exist.

Interactive Experience for Viewers

Office Spaces wanted to provide a truly interactive experience for its fans, allowing them to experience these one of a kind designs first hand. Once the show’s creators saw the possibilities of using VIMaec’s innovative virtual reality software to create an immersive experience, they knew the platform would be a perfect fit. From the start, the two companies have treated their partnership as a collaboration. Office Spaces found VIMaec highly responsive, meeting their demanding needs and tight timelines. The virtual reality segments created for the show have proven to be a fan favorite and led to the increasing popularity of the show. Leaders from the two companies first met at NeoCon, the world’s premier event for commercial design stakeholders and thought leaders. VIMaec demonstrated to the producers how their software translates design data and specifications to a VIM, allowing a flat 2D architectural design to be changed into a 3D virtual reality experience. The team behind Office Spaces believed it was critical to engage their audience, so when they met the VIMaec team, they knew they had something special.