For over 150 years, McCarthy has been America’s choice for projects with the toughest construction challenges. With more than 2,600 employees across the country, McCarthy focuses on attracting partners committed to professional excellence and providing creative solutions to client needs. McCarthy is currently working on the largest hospital construction project in Atlanta and implemented a full VDC approach to the design and build processes. Because of the complexity of this project, it was determined that going beyond the regular VDC practices that McCarthy has already perfected could have a positive effect on the overall delivery of this job.


  • Collaboration amongst multiple stakeholders on a large, complex commercial construction project is difficult.
  • Effectively communicating construction and design details with owners and other project influencers can be difficult.
  • Coming to a consensus on design changes without causing project delays.


  • The VIM AEC solution greatly enhanced communication during project meetings.
  • Design concepts are easily shared and experienced to shorten decision making.
  • Visualization tools are going to become common practice for virtual design and construction process at McCarthy.


  • The VIM file conversion from a Revit file to a visualization environment in Unity.
  • Provided an immersive and intuitive experience during decision making process.
  • Quickly embraced by building owner as a valuable communication tool.