BrandStar is a fully-integrated, global marketing firm offering breakthrough creative; a state-of-the-art, full-service production studio; highly-evolved strategic direction; planning for both digital and traditional media; as well as social and digital activation. BrandStar is currently remodeling, renovating, and redesigning their new corporate headquarters in Deerfield Beach, FL. Their challenge was not only moving their 135 employees but fitting everything from their previous 22,000 square foot office space into their new 11,000 square foot office space. To do this, a lot of preplanning needed to happen to ensure that everyone would still be comfortable and productive in the new office space.


  • Downsizing from a 22,000 square foot office to 11,500 square foot office.
  • Effectively communicating construction and design details with owners and other project influencers can be difficult.
  • Coming to a consensus on design changes without causing project delays.


  • The VIM file conversion from a Revit file to a visualization environment in Unity.
  • Provided an immersive and intuitive experience during decision making process.
  • Quickly embraced by building owner as a valuable communication tool McCarthy.


  • The VIM AEC solution greatly enhanced communication during project meetings.
  • Design concepts are easily shared and experienced to shorten decision making.