Introduction to VIM for 3ds Max
May 30, 2024
Samuel Arsenault-Brassard

Introduction to VIM for 3ds Max

In this tutorial, Samuel Arsenault-Brassard from VIM addresses the common challenges faced when exporting Revit models to 3ds Max for rendering, animation, VR, and AR. Traditional methods result in bloated geometries with excessive triangles, making models difficult to work with. Samuel introduces VIM's innovative 3ds Max plugin, which significantly reduces the triangle count by creating geometry from parametric data rather than using Revit's flawed exports. This plugin not only improves performance but also offers flexible options for model splitting and importing.

By using the VIM plugin, users can import models into 3ds Max in just 20 seconds, compared to the hours it usually takes with standard FBX exports. The plugin also allows for smoother manipulation and better management of large architectural models. Additionally, Samuel highlights the free availability of this powerful tool, encouraging users to enhance their workflows with more efficient, clean, and manageable Revit-to-3ds Max conversions. This tutorial is a must-watch for anyone involved in rendering, animation, or real-time applications in architecture and construction.

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