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VIM empowers your team with tools and insights so that you can gain control over project outcomes.

  • Easy-to-use and no specialized training
  • Unlocks BIM from closed-source authoring tools
  • Retains all of the data for digital twin needs
  • Automatic insightful BI reports
  • Great for complex real-world projects
  • Works on devices that you already own
  • Friction-free sharing
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The native VIM app running on a laptop displaying MEP from a building

Powerful tools for total control of your project outcomes


Extract the BIM data you already own from closed-source authoring tools to use it for your building's entire lifecycle.

Revit to VIM conversion screenshot


Powerful cloud and native apps that can run the world's largest, most complex projects with ease.

VIM cloud and VIM for Windows icons


Quickly gain control of outcomes across all your projects with VIM's collection of automated business intelligence reports.

Screenshot of sustainability report In VIM Cloud
how it works

Experience the smartest way to BIM

Screenshot of the VIM Revit Converter add-on

Unlock your data

With the simple push of a button extract all your data for any project, any size.

  • BIM access for all
  • Ready for real-time everywhere
  • Open and organized for databases

Validate your data

Start finding and avoiding problems in our blazingly fast Windows app.

  • Real-time 3D for regular folks
  • Easy-to-use and instant expertise
  • Reassurance that VIM got it all
Screenshot of VIM for Windows displaying MEP of a building structure
Screenshot of a Power BI report created in VIM Cloud

Compare your data

Get instant insights that visualize your data and help you de-risk your project

  • Automated intelligence reports
  • Full project clarity and control
  • Improve project outcomes

Friction-free project sharing

Get all of your stakeholders on the same page instantly with no barriers.

  • No login required
  • All of your assets in one place
  • Total control of how you share
Screenshot of a complex building running in VIM Cloud's webGL viewer
instant insights

Discover your new superpowers

Quickly gain visibility and control outcomes across all your projects with VIM's powerful and automated business intelligence reports.

Model Health Check

Validate projects against BIM modeling and coordination best practices to ensure your team is on task and profitable.

Health check data in sample PowerBI chart

Clash Detection

Discover which clashes in your project  are going to cost you the most, and avoid them during construction.

Screenshot of VIM's clash tools displayed on a computer

Embodied Energy Calculator

Ascertain the approximate estimates of kgCO2 in your project for a material product as well as potential savings.

Sustainability Readiness

Check your model against LEED commissioning requirements so you can optimize it before submitting your plans.

Sustainability score that's good in sample PowerBI chart

Quantities for Owners

Slice and dice your project data to get quantities per discipline to improve bidding accountability.

Sample of materials by cubic feet

Warnings Report

Expose the most important Revit warnings and how they impact your project outcomes.

Revit warnings by priority in sample PowerBI chart

Floor Area Report

Get a handle on what is in every room on every floor of your project to make sure the counts are calculated correctly.

Merge multiple projects

Compare and contrast multiple projects into one report for a holistic view of trends to inform future project planning.

What people are saying about us

With VIM it only took me 20 minutes to get from Revit to Unity. Previously, it easily would have taken two weeks.

Naji Rjaile
Director of Visualization

VIM has exponentially sped up our workflow in creating renderings.

Emilio Santellan
3D Visualization Specialist

VIM Can handle LOD 500 like it’s a word document.

Jean-Marc Demeo
BIM Manager

VIM enabled us to deliver a complete Expo digital twin on time and on budget.

Daisy Leak
Executive Vice President

Being able to see is important, but avoiding change orders is worth its weight in gold.

Michael Bell
Real-Estate Developer

With the VIM Portal we can process a file on the cloud in 12 seconds (with previous technology it used to take us 90 minutes). That’s serious money savings for us, and great customer service for our users.

Nicholas Holst
Head of Product
RIB Group

A 20-30% reduction is a win. That’s where my expectations were. We actually condensed 2 days of work down to 20 minutes… that’s huge.

Ben Forman
Content Team Manager

VIM allows our construction LEED projects to find energy modeling efficiencies, collaborate remotely, perform interference checks, and more.

Charlie Cichetti
CEO + Co-Founder

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