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Why Choose VIM?

VIM bridges the gap between BIM and business intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI. We make it easy for you to export BIM data and create interactive Power BI dashboards. With VIM, including VIM Cloud and VIM Enterprise, professionals in Construction can harness data to its fullest.

Easy to Use

Designed for simplicity, the VIM platform offers intuitive tools to access, visualize, and analyze complex BIM data in Microsoft Power BI.

Precise Data

VIM's open file format and innovative data model ensure your BIM data is structured, accurate, and ready for analysis.

Actionable Insights

Powerful tools and services allow you to visualize and analyze your data with complete context, enabling you to work more efficiently.

Solutions for every stakeholder

Owners & Property Developers

Get quick access to BIM analytics for total project control. Discover how you can drive efficient and profitable project outcomes with VIM.

General & Trade Contractors

Access and analyze BIM data to improve construction. Discover how you can deliver successful projects with speed and precision.

Data & Financial Analysts

Transform and analyze your BIM data for faster analysis, and provide valuable insights to your stakeholders faster.

Architects & Engineers

Achieve greater efficiency and accuracy on every building project by automatically generating and analyzing Power BI reports from your BIM models.

Software Developers

Innovate with VIM's powerful SDK and services. Reshape your construction software development with total control over BIM data processes and workflows.

Build Environments Powered by Business Intelligence

Manage, query, and analyze BIM data in SQL and Power BI

The VIM platform allows you to seamlessly manage, query, and analyze BIM data utilizing SQL and Microsoft Power BI. Through our easily integrated process, we enable you to quickly and efficiently export and transform complex BIM data, ensuring it is streamlined, optimized, and ready for data visualization. This powerful transformation facilitates the creation of dynamic and interactive data analytics within many different applications, bridging the gap between intricate architectural designs and open access to the data.

Control your BIM data with VIM Enterprise

VIM Enterprise is a specialized set of tools and services designed for the construction industry that revolutionizes how professionals manage and utilize their data. With an array of features, including an open standard file format, custom Power BI visuals, an accurate BIM data model, APIs, CLIs, and an extensive library of reports, we provide unmatched access and versatility to your data. VIM Enterprise's tools empower you to harness your BIM data fully, automate intricate processes, develop custom applications, and have unparalleled control over your BIM datasets according to your unique requirements.

Generate dynamic real-time BI reports from BIM in VIM Cloud

VIM Cloud transforms BIM analytics access in the construction industry by offering an advanced cloud-based platform that streamlines the creation of business intelligence from BIM data. Our cloud-based solution includes features like an extensive library of ready-to-use Power BI reports and user-friendly tools for easy data sharing and collaboration. Accessing valuable insights from building designs has always been challenging for construction industry experts. That is why we ensure valuable data is always at your fingertips.


What AECO professionals are saying about VIM
Arbaz Hamayun
RIB Software

With VIM, we effortlessly combine large-scale Revit or IFC models into one federated view, granting our users a seamless, swift, and precise 3D experience across any device.

Tim Carroll
Proficient Engineering, Inc.

I can quickly and accurately generate business intelligence reports using VIM from my Revit project in Power BI, enabling me to verify the accuracy of information contained in the sub-contractor submittals.

Salla Eckhardt
OAC Services, Inc.

VIM makes it easy, especially for non-BIM experts, to understand building data in a simple 3D visual format. Instead of dense reports with lots of data, you can see and point at objects to generate purposeful and targeted discussions.

Stacy Scopano

VIM gave Skender's clients and integrated project teams an important lens to see what is possible through a modular building.

Nicholas Holst
RIB Group

With the VIM Enterprise we can process a file on the cloud in 12 seconds (with previous technology it used to take us 90 minutes). That’s serious money savings for us, and great customer service for our users.

Michael Bell

We were told by our architects that we were 90% complete, but it turned out we were only about 50%.

Jean-Marc Demeo

VIM Can handle LOD 500 BIM models like it’s a word document.

Charlie Cichetti

VIM allows our construction LEED projects to find energy modeling efficiencies, collaborate remotely, perform interference checks, and more.

Unlock Your BIM with VIM

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